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New Netscape Exploited

July 26th, 2006 Mark 3 comments

It seems the new netscape digg clone has a few unfortunate bugs!

Netscape exploit screenshot thumb

Netscape exploit message

Whoever did it only used alert to put up a couple of messageboxes, I think a redirect would’ve been better for comedy value :)

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StumbleUpon, Analytics, Mint & Adsense!

July 13th, 2006 Mark No comments

People who read this blog (yes, that’s you two over there!) might know that I’m currently working on a health/fitness/bodybuilding website in my spare time

We’ve created a pretty useful exercise encyclopedia full of instructional exercise videos

The only problem is getting it noticed! I don’t really want to pay for a link from a high traffic/high PR website.. I want the SEO to be natural, i.e. site geared for optimal user experience = natural SEO

I stumbled upon an interesting site that helps you to discover great websites on the web that others have visited and rated highly. Yesterday I placed a comment on Coopers Guns via StumbleUpon and since then there’s been a steady stream of traffic from StumbleUpon.. the techy nature of the users of StumbleUpon means little to no ad revenue but I’m more interested in mere eyeballs at the moment

Here’s some Analytics graphs to illustrate the above:

Visitors and Page Views

Visits By Source

Geo Map Overlay

New vs Returning Visitors

I’ve also purchased a licence for Shaun Inman‘s Mint.. I like analytics but Mint gives me a clearer and more concise picture of 0-second statistics

Most visitors to the site use Firefox:

Browser Family

And not many use a resolution below 1024×768 (thankfully!)

Screen Resolution

I was a bit worried that Adsense wasn’t counting impressions properly as the “page view” count difference between Analytics and Adsense was off by quite a margin. I realised though that quite a lot of savvy/techy web surfers actually use stuff like adblock, etc… that explains the difference!

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WordPress’ TinyMCE Popup Width In Firefox

July 13th, 2006 Mark 7 comments

I’m surprised there isn’t much about this online.. although I admit my search wasn’t very comprehensive

Anyway, for a while now I’ve been a bit annoyed with the TinyMCE editor in WordPress.. for example, when you click the “Insert/edit link” button on the toolbar, a popup window is launched which proceeds to resize itself to be a less than useful width

Apparently according to one of the developers of TinyMCE in this thread, it’s down to Firefox using the status bar width when it shouldn’t

Anyway, the fix is as follows:

Just after the statements below in tiny_mce_popup.js

   // Netscape 7.1 workaround
   if (this.isWindow && tinyMCE.isNS71) {
      window.resizeBy(0, 10);

Add the following:

   // Gecko workaround
   if (this.isWindow && tinyMCE.isGecko) {
      window.resizeBy(20, 10);

That seems to work alright and resize the window to a useable width!

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Spam email subjects list

July 7th, 2006 Mark No comments

The spam quarantine directory on my mail server just reached around ~200MB and ~22k emails so I decided it was time for a cleanout.. before that though I compiled a list of the subjects from all the emails for your viewing pleasure!

spam subjects list

spam subjects top 100

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Google Reader Starred & Dugg Items Added

July 5th, 2006 Mark No comments

I’ve added a couple of new lists to my sidebar:

  • Google Reader Starred Items (Most recent 20)
    • I generally star items that are of interest to me from the many RSS feeds I subscribe to)
  • Recently Dugg Stories (Most recent 20)
    • Just interesting stories I’ve seen on digg and dugg!

I ended up burning the source feeds with Feedburner and using MagpieRSS to read them – didn’t really want to do it this way but had a lot of issues with both MagpieRSS and SimplePie when trying to parse Atom feeds (e.g. Google Reader starred items)

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