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WordPress 2.0.4

August 17th, 2006 Mark 1 comment

I’ve just updated this site to use WordPress 2.0.4 (was using 2.0.3 + a plugin which fixed a few 2.0.3 flaws).

Unfortunately I forgot that I’d manually modified the k2 theme and overwrote my changes with the update.  My sidebar has therefore resorted to its former glory and is missing my dugg items and Google starred items.. did I have a backup anywhere?  of course I didn’t!

Oh well, I’ll add them back again when I get a minute

Thankfully, I’m feeling a little better now, still have a nasty cough though which is quite annoying

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Windows Live Writer

August 14th, 2006 Mark 1 comment

Due to holidays and now illness (flu!), I’ve been away from the online world for a couple of weeks.. however few posts on my Google Reader subscription list were regarding this new Windows Live Writer.. so I decided to post this from it!

It’s good, I got it setup in less than a minute, detected my Wordpress and can download existing posts and hopefully post new stuff (this :) )

The interface is clean and it even downloads your current theme to preview your posts as they would appear on your weblog.. nice

I’ll post a more detailed review after I’ve had more chance to use it, right now however I’m a bit under the weather so will retire now back to bed!

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