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What is gen_announce?

gen_announce is a Winamp 5 general plugin

It’s basically a general purpose “announcement” script – it announces track changes to various outputs (MSN Messenger, mIRC, MySQL, etc)

Features include:

  • MSN Messenger “What I’m Listening To” Integration
    • No need to explain this one really.. new track played results in updated “What I’m Listening To”
  • mIRC DDE Integration
    • Execute a mIRC command when a new track is played, e.g. /ame is listening to %artist% – %title%. That would announce the track is a /me to all channels
  • MySQL Integration
    • Execute an SQL query when a new track is played.. supports a fallback query if no tags are found in the track, i.e. only filename is known
  • SSH tunneling
    • Most MySQL servers are configured such that they only accept connections from the local host (e.g. php scripts running on the same server). This is a security measure. gen_announce can connect to your MySQL host via SSH (assuming you have shell access). A secure tunnel is then created which can be used by using the server “″ on the MySQL configuration tab
  • Misc Options
    • Ignore certain file extensions e.g. common movie extensions

Download gen_announce

Latest version: gen_announce v0.3.1 build 71

Screencast tutorials

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  1. ashma
    June 21st, 2009 at 17:19 | #1

    excellent plug in que j’utilise pour mirc , manque un on/off sans passer par preference de winamp ce n’est pas une critique mais une idée pour une prochaine version ;)

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